About Us

Mod Lifestyles has a wide range of products with styles from global trends and classic themes for any home décor. Every customer can pick from our different products that embodies a mixture of casual style and luxurious design. We offer high quality contemporary classic products designed for better living. We not only focus on the aesthetic quality of our products, but on high-end and reliable materials, which we also trust to provide comfort and relaxation to our customers. Mod Lifestyles is based in New York City. Thus, our style is inspired by the city’s sentimental past intertwined with modern influence. The style is also predisposed towards the global and eclectic diversity of culture represented by NYC. Mod Lifestyles promises to cater a whole range of different quality products that are relevant to home design and improvement. Besides committing to our design sensibilities, we also believe in good customer service. Upon completing your order, we can deliver from 3 to 5 days shipping destination within the continental United States. For international shipping or if you have questions about our products just contact us and we will email you as soon as possible.