Celebrations Amidst COVID

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Celebrations Amidst COVID

Much of the world is either still in some form of Lockdown, or is going in to their 2nd or 3rd Lockdown period. With the winter and celebration season approaching how might our celebrations amidst COVID look?

Here are five  fun ideas that might even outlast COVID-19 and become new traditions for the celebration season.

Spreading cheer whilst social distancing

Many of our personal or family traditions may have to take a back seat in 2020, especially for those in areas where social distancing and social “bubbles” are being strictly implemented.  But we can still focus on family and togetherness.

Share a virtual meal:  People living or working away from their family have been doing this for years. Get everyone set up on Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime ahead of time, and make sure they know how to use the apps.   Then set an agreed start time with everyone and sit down for a virtual thanksgiving or christmas meal together. 

Make sure to decorate your table beautifully and maybe run a ‘Best Dressed Table’ vote.  Mod Lifestyles has just launched its new Christmas Collection, which includes eye-catching table runners and linens.

Share a virtual crafting session:  Is one of your relatives or friends gifted in the crafting department?  Consider arranging a virtual lesson for your children, their cousins or friends.  Discuss what will be created in advance so you can all make sure you have time to buy or order in the materials they will need.

Drive-by Parade:  If you have older or immune-compromised relatives or friends, organise a drive-by, or walk-by, parade.  Arrange for them to be at their window or on their doorstep at a set time and pass by in a flotilla of cars and bikes, decorated with streamers and balloons and messages held up to the car window.  You could pass by as a parade and then loop round so each car, or walking group, can stop in front of the house to run a dish or present to the doorstep, or so the children can perform a dance routine or song.

Festive Family Olympics: The success of this really depends on your family’s dynamics.  Only you know if it’s a sensible idea to ignite competitiveness among your family or groups of friends.  If you have an uncle or aunt who have been known to flip the Monopoly Board when losing, it may be prudent to think of something other than Festive Family Olympics to foster togetherness! 

Head over to PlayPartyPlan for some fun and quick games you can play on the day.   Agree among you and ahead of the day, which games you will play so you can all collect the materials you will need.  On the day use Zoom or Facetime.  You can draw names from a hat to see who will compete against each other, with one hat of names per family and a name drawn from each hat.  Or pre-agree competing ‘athletes’ based on common similarities e.g. age, family role, gender, height.  For each event make sure the camera is pointed at the person competing.   

Watch Festive Films Together:  If one of your traditions was to sit down and watch a movie before, or after your festive meal the great news is that Netflix Party is still available, although under the new name TeleParty.  The even greater news is it’s been extended to include Disney, Hulu and HBO too.

Agree on a movie or show to watch, select it and TeleParty will synchronize the playback across each of your accounts, so you're all watching the same thing at the same time and can chat together.

Happy Holidays and celebrate safely. 

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