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Article by Trudy Allen | 3-4 min read

Whether you’re just starting out on the “property ladder” with a small apartment, or want to maximise the use of a small room in your home check out our Top Tips for Designing Small Spaces.

Choose the right wall color

The general rule for small spaces is to avoid dark colors, which absorb light, making a small space appear even smaller.   However, done right a darker accent wall or ceiling can really work. 

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Soft Blonde or a golden color will bring warmth to a room.  Neutral tones can make a room appear larger and help accented colors, in fabrics or accessories, really pop and draw attention.  Mod Lifestyles has a stunning range of cushions, pillows, throws, runners and linens with fun colors, classic prints and themes .


Utilize Online Paint Tools

PPG Paints online tool is great for seeing how your finished room will look.  Upload a photo of your room or use one of the room images provided. Then select Paint colors, or use their curated color schemes and click where you want them featured. 

Use Paletton’s Color Chart tool to help with accent color decisions (add this url link behind word Paletton Color Chart. 


Floating Shelves

Fixed directly to the wall with a hidden bar that the shelf slots on to, they’re sturdy, have a chunky modern style and allow you to maximise your upper wall space. Great when you don’t have available floor space for a full shelving unit.


Maximizing space & storage in a small bedroom

Consider a wall-mounted shelf or desk as an alternative to a night stand, or an attractive desk that can act as both.

Storage Headboards fit over, or behind a bed and offer integrated shelving.

HGTV has handy step-by-step instructions for building a Storage Headboard.

If your bedroom is long and narrow place a storage bench at the end of the bed and store blankets, bed sheets or even clothing in it.

Sliding drawers or boxes under the bed are great for storing seasonal clothing, leaving more space in your closet.  Or look into a Storage Platform Bed, where the mattress base lifts up to reveal a storage area beneath.

Too many shoes?  Get yourself an Under The Bed Shoe Organizer  or Over The Door Shoe Rack and hang it on the back of your bedroom or closet door.  Prices start at $35 


Optical Illusions

Hung in the right location a full mirror creates the impression of a larger space. 

Fix curtain rails higher and wider around a window to give the impression of height.  Light curtains, both in thickness and color, will make a room feel more open and airy.

A large rug, taking up most of the floor even in a bold pattern will create the illusion of a larger room.

Low level furniture, in a room with low ceilings such as a loft room, will create the impression of higher ceilings and space.

Position wall art and photos closer to the ceiling to make a room appear bigger.

Kristen McGowan’s video is full of ideas. 

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