Happy November! 3 Days to Go: US Presidential Election 2020

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This year November is quite special as we are now only three days away from finding out who will be seated on the presidency. As an American company we urge everybody to vote. Have your voice be heard whilst be safe and practice social distancing if you are voting in person. With so many ads and news coverage of this controversial Presidential election, one must be aware of how much information to absorb. If the current hype about the election causes you any stress, maybe it is time to take a break from social media and all sorts of outlets of politics for the meantime.

Some voting places have long waiting lines and it is a good idea to start early in the day. Schedule a voting time with friends and or family members. Bring a snack and water to drink if you do have to wait longer. If you have questions about voting for example your polling place, you can find your state’s Election Day Contact Information in this website: https://www.eac.gov/voters/election-day-contact-information. You can also find out from your contact details who is on the official ballot of your jurisdiction.

Most importantly, you must confirm your registration to vote. Visit this link and find out how to do this: https://www.usa.gov/confirm-voter-registration. Wishing everyone a peaceful voting day!

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