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It’s the final month of the year and we’re looking at December 2019 interiors and trends.

The winter months are all about being cosy at home and incorporating fall and winter color accents. Think deep wine reds, amber, moss green, mustard yellow and comforting blues, cable knits and plump inviting cushions.

If you don’t have the budget for a complete living room overhaul, or you want to retain your neutral tones once winter is over, focus on pulling in key pieces to update or change the feel of your room.  Comforters, cushions, rugs and throws are a great way to evoke a cosy look or feel.

The beauty of throws

Throws are a quick and easy way to bring a winter mood in to your living room.  Our Acrylic Moss Knit and our Cotton Cable Knit Throws are perfect for December 2019 interiors, draped across an armchair ready to snuggle under.  And they’re available in a range of gorgeous colors too; Dark Grey, Mocha, Ivory, Red, Denim Blue and Mustard. 


Plump up those cushions

There’s nothing like velvet to evoke a feeling of luxury, warmth and comfort.  Plump velvet cushions, in rich colors just scream winter decadence, and invite people to sit down and relax.  Deep reds, browns, blues and golds are ideal and work well as an accent to neutral paint tones.


Statement Pieces

If you don’t plan to redecorate another way to embrace the December 2019 interiors trend is to update your living room is by adding a statement piece.  This could be a new centre light fixture, a great piece of art, a statement vase or a new chair or pouf.  

Ikea has a good range of poufs and ottomans starting at $20 and a whole host of colors to choose from.  Cotton Craft has gorgeous hand-knitted Dori Poufs that are also available in 14 different colors.  The benefits of a pouf or ottoman is added seating when guests visit.

Mood Lighting

Sometimes just changing the lighting can instantly warm up a room and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.  It can be as simple as replacing bulbs with soft white (warm and yellow), or warm white bulbs (yellowish-white).  These bulbs are recommended for any rooms where the intention is to create a soft, cozy feel.

But if you are thinking about adding some new lamps to your living room consider these 4 lighting options:-

Buffet Lamps are, effectively, tall table lamps and usually more than 32” high.  Their design reflects light downwards on to the table, illuminating any items that are placed there.  Perfect for lighting up statement pieces or artfully placed books.

Torchiere Floor Lamps are a type of floor lamp with the shade facing upwards, providing accent luminescence and ambient lighting to any room.  The light cast also ‘bounces’ off the walls and ceiling, providing more light than the standard Floor Lamp.  One of the most popular styles of Torchiere Floor Lamps are those that emulate the stunning Tiffany glass shades.

Arc Lamps are basically tall floor lamps. With a slender body and arc shape at the top, they take up very little space and are perfect for casting light downwards.  The drawback of the design is that they are ‘top heavy’ and easy to knock over.  So they are best placed in a corner or away from heavy access areas. 

Say Swing Arm Lamp and you’ll most likely conjure up an image of an industrial looking lamp over a work desk or design table.  But styles have been adapted and you can now find Swing Arm Lamps which will easily fit in with a cosy-styled living area.   The key selling point is the versatility of these lamps; because they are adjustable you can target the direction of the lighting so it illuminates the right spot.

If you want to radiate light inwards place lamps on shelves in the corners of your room or on tables. Create soft shadows by adding wall lamps.  If you’re someone who loves to curl up and read, position an Arc or Swing Arm lamp next to the side of your chair. 

The winter months can bring on a sense of hibernation and a warm, cosy living room is a treat to return home to on cold evenings.

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