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Layered Cushions in the bedroom

When it comes to completing your newly decorated room, or updating your existing décor with some new soft furnishings, you just can’t go wrong with some strategically placed cushions and throws.

Perfectly placed cushions can complete a room, pull together your chosen accent colours and can make your room feel more inviting and cosy.   

Cushion Type & Sizes

There are 4 types of cushion.  But don’t be afraid to mix them up; if your cushions are the same size and shape it can actually make a room feel very formal and not cosy at all.  Having two or more types and sizes of cushion creates depth and a homely, inviting look.

The Square Toss Cushion:  Usually available in lots of different sizes, with the larger 22”x 22” or 24” x 24’’ being the most popular.

The Lumbar Pillow (Rectangular Décor Pillow):  now available in different sizes, besides the traditional 14” X 22”, brings in a contrasting shape and size to build depth.

The Bolster Pillow: long and round, like the Lumbar Pillows big brother. Typically used at the foot of a bed or on a chaise lounge

The Standard Round Pillow: Usually around 14” diameter.


Cushion Choice Placement & Layering

If your room’s painted in neutral colors, opt for two or three bright cushions in accent colours. Cushions with a metallic feature also work beautifully or stick to monochrome for a chic, interiors magazine effect.

PI-1600-223_All-Over Scroll Emb._modlifestylesPI-7058_Concentric circle_modlifestyles


If your room décor already features patterns or bright colors, bring in cushions in colors and patterns that coordinate, making sure that the cushions share at least one color in common.

PI-1099EB_EGGSHELL BLUEPI-1900-712 810012740944 Foliage GreenPI-1900-712 810012740944 Foliage GreenGold Leaves Beads Embroidery Decorative Pillow, 14" X 18"

Bought new bedding or a couch that doesn’t quite match your wall paint?  Use cushions to act as a temporary camouflage, until you get round to updating the wall color.

Use one or two accent colors that already exist elsewhere in the room, to draw the eye to the cushion feature.  Cushions with the same color trim achieve this too.

Cotton Ogee Beads Velvet Decorative Pillow, Aqua CollectionCotton Medallion Embroidery Velvet Decorative Pillow, Aqua Collection


Get creative; don’t just mix up the types and sizes of your cushions, try mixing up the textures too.  A thick velvet or faux fur, next to a cotton or silk blend will bring depth to their setting, inviting people in. 

Beds:- a good look is 2 or 3 large square cushions at the back (on top of your pillows), smaller 2 square cushions in front, maybe tilted on to a corner and a two lumbar cushions in front of those or one large bolster pillow.   Or keep it simpler with two large square cushions and a bolster pillow at the foot of the bed.

Couches:- for a modern look layer an odd number of different cushion types, sizes and patterns in groups.  For a more traditional look layer an even number of cushions in groups, two patterned and two plain, mixed between two groups.  Bear in mind, if you have to move the cushions in order to sit down, you have too many.

The beauty of online shopping is it’s easier to select the right size, color and patterned cushions for your room without having to carry color palettes or material samples in your purse.  Just hold your tablet up against the wall or furnishings and measure the area.  Check out Mod Lifestyles cushion range


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